Don't just take Scott's word for it - here are some kind words from recent delegates

I was very fortunate to join Scott & Paul at a wedding workshop in Italy.  I attended the course with no desire for wedding photography, but I went hoping to learn how to take environmental portraits in a stunning location.  In addition, there was an option to shoot in Venice after the workshop, which felt like a once in a time opportunity.

Having attended the course I learned so much.  I went as a competent photographer, in that I understood the technique of using my camera.  But what I learned about looking for light in difficult locations and conditions was invaluable.  Discussing posing for both a bride and groom was also very insightful.  Then there were the classroom activities. They were a massive eye-opener.  I learned so much more than just taking pictures, I got an insight into how to run a business.  How to sell and market my photography.  Both Scott and Paul brought so much energy to training. It was impossible not to be inspired.

I guess the ultimate praise I can provide, is that as a result of the course, I have built in the infrastructure for my photography business.  I have joined the MPA and I’m working towards my Licentiate qualification.  The final cherry on the top is that I’m now looking at doing weddings!

On top of the training provided, it was amazing to be away on location with 14 other attendees all with the same goal.  It was such an amazing and uplifting experience.  I would highly recommend it to anyone.  I’m sure it won't be my last training activity with either Scott or Paul.


Mike Payne

Regal Photography

I attended Scott & Paul’s 5-day workshop in Italy, hosted by Graphistudio in May. What a mind-blowing experience. The schedule was full and varied including the guys sharing with us their tips on business, marketing, and album design as well as a huge amount of time showing us how they shoot, guiding us on how to look for light, direct the subject and think outside of the box. There were guest appearances from Fundy & Lensbaby who helped us gain insight into who WE are as people and business owners. Fuji was also there, prepared with every bit of Fuji kit we could play with and trial over that period. The trip to the Graphistudio factory was extra special, as a Graphi customer myself, seeing one of my albums mid-print was superb (and emotional!)


My notebook is now full of ideas, reminders, encouragement and helpful tips from the training which I’m sure I’ll be looking back upon for years to come. We stayed an extra day to visit Venice which was another fab experience. Although not responsible for the rain, Scott and Paul worked with the elements for the last workshop fantastically! I would highly recommend this whether you are a seasoned pro, or a beginner looking for more inspiration. There is something to learn around every corner, and you’re likely to make new friends for life! Scott & Paul ensured our training, although full on, was fun, informative, varied and relevant to us now as photographers. If you want to move forward in your own business, investing in a course like this is not to be missed.


Fiona Mills

FionaMillsArt Photography

The 5 days spent on this course was absolutely jammed packed with advice, tips, demonstrations, and training. The quality of the training was first class, the tutors really gave 110% the whole time and I honestly felt like I was getting actual real-life experiences and lessons and not just stock-standard textbook information. The training was well balanced between photography skills and business skills. The location for all the training was second-to-none. Having full use of the (ultra modern) Graphi Castle and grounds was just a fabulous experience in itself! The 'added extra's' to the course really did add extra – the Fuji team, the Fundy Software guys and the tour around Graphi's factory, all served to complete this fantastic wedding photography course. I learned so much and it has ALL been useful.


Tracy Saville

GTS Photography